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Copy of Episode 7: Life's Work

“Always try the problem that matters most to you.”
Andrew “Freak ‘n da Sheets” Wiles

Life’s Work, Part 1: Math?


Life’s Work - an artwork, challenge, focus, or even math problem that an artist(s) works on their entire life or lifetimes


This feature length animation took 31 years to create, making in the longest production of any movie ever created. The creative genius behind the movie was Richard Williams, who also animated Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Pink Panther title sequences.

Watch The Thief & The Cobbler Here

See the “Recobbled Cut” which tries to get as close to possible at William’s original artistic intention. For some animated gems, check out The Thief & The Cobbler Color Tests to see the gorgeous hand drawn animation.


“Party Animal” Pierre de Fermat

Mathematician, judge, ladykiller, and perhaps even an artist

Fermat’s Last Theorem - a theorem that would take 358 years to solve. A Life’s Work


Sophie “Bad Bitch” Germain

A strong, independent woman who didn’t need no man, but did make progress on Fermat’s Last Theorem.


“I’ve Had the Best Sex Ever” Wiles

Mr. Wiles discovered Fermat’s Theorem as a child and worked to solve it from that point on. And solve it he did.

Here we see Wiles displaying his mathematical proof of his monster dong.


Life’s Work, Part II: Art?

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James “Jumper Cable” Turrell

God he’s good looking

Lite-Brite Pointillism!

Turrell work mentioned in the episode:

Of course, the best image of Lite-Brite pointillism is of Elvis

Of course, the best image of Lite-Brite pointillism is of Elvis

Twilight Epiphany @ Rice University

The Light Inside @ Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

The Skyspace @ Live Oak Friends Meeting House, Houston


James Turrell talking to Hiram Butler about his Houston artworks and theories

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