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Episode 2: Nothing is Sacred

Featuring: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits, and more! (NSFW)

Part 1: Little Bit O’ Lenny, Little Bit O’ George


Transgressive Art and Pushing boundaries

Manet’s Olympia (pictured to the left) was a groundbreaking painting exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1865. We discuss Olympia at length in our fourth episode. Check that out here.

Marcel Duchamp made artistic history by exhibiting a urinal, which he put on it’s side and titled “Fountain,” in 1917.

Poet Allen Ginsberg wrote and recited “Howl” in 1955, which lead to obscenity trials and pushed the envelope of poetry.

Lenny Bruce pictured here clearly not giving a fuck

Lenny Bruce pictured here clearly not giving a fuck

George Carlin giving even less of a fuck

George Carlin giving even less of a fuck

REquired Watching

If you are unfamiliar with George Carlin’s “7 Words You Can’t Say on Television,” watch this first.

Part 2: Little Bit O’ Richter

Abstract paintings: Throughout his career, Richter has created abstract paintings, using brushes, squeegees, and knives to create and destroy the work.

Blurred paintings: In another series, Richter created photorealistic paintings, then blur them to broaden the meaning and impact of the work. From left to right: Uncle Rudi (1965); Ema (1966); Woman Descending the Staircase (1965); Kerze (“Candle”), used as the cover of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation (1983)

Photo-realistic painting: At first glance, one may mistake these artworks for photos, but they are paintings. And despite the realism, the meaning is still obscured. From left to right: Betty (1977); Betty (1988); Lesende (1994)

Gerhard Richter Painting, the 2012 documentary

One can never wrestle enough with God, if one does so out of pure regard for the truth. . . Go fuck your mother’s cunt.
— Simone Weil (paraphrased)