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“I’d never want to belong to a club that would have someone like me as a member.”

About Us

This is what happens when two friends from high school never shut up: they create a podcast about art.

John Franklin and JJ Baker go way back, both socially and creatively. A friendship started early in high school and continued at the U of Cincinnati, where the gentleman joined forced to create PCR, the online music and comedy, variety show, notorious among the local community. The PCR had to end, like all good things do, but the friendship did not. It only made sense, that in these days of weekly episodes and 280 characters, for John and JJ get together and add their voices to the social hubbub. Thus, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants was born.

This podcast has a simple goal: to make art more accessible to everyone. We aim to dispel the myths that surround the creative process and to share stories of creative giants (giants whose artistic footsteps still resound today), all while providing entertainment, opinion, and a 45 minute long respite from monotony.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a collaborative endeavor, and we need you to get involved. Of course, listen to our episodes (which you can find HERE, as well as on Itunes, Spotify, and RSS feed). We also love to here from our listeners. What do you think of our shows? What facts did we screw up that you need to fix? What stories and artists do you want to hear about? Please email us at with all of your comments, questions, and concerns.

“If I have seen further, it is by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants." -Isaac Newton, in reference to our podcast

This quote was made famous by the man who was made famous for being unable to avoid falling fruit. Newton’s point was that his achievements were only possible because of the people who came before him. Creation does not happen in isolation. Creative acts are based and inspired by previous creative acts. The Newton quote itself was taken from Bernard of Chartres from the 12th century.

In the spirit of this quote, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants focuses on artistic giants throughout the ages, artistic concepts, and myths related to the creative process.

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JJ Baker

JJ Baker was born in the West Side of Cincinnati, Ohio and spent his formative years there. Along with this podcast, he paints, draws, teaches art, and dabbles on the guitar. His goals in life are to recreate Kerouac’s On the Road and repaint Jackson Pollock’s Mural.

He currently lives and sweats in Houston, TX.








Your go-to good-time guy!

Your go-to good-time guy!


John Franklin

A comedian, writer, video editor, and all around extraordinaire. Raised in a sleepy, wooded town just outside of Cincinnati, John moved to the big city of Chicago to take the world of comedy by storm, seduce beautiful, sophisticated women, and spend lots of money on rent. So far, he’s done one of those things.

John hopes to learn just as much about creativity by making SOTSOG as you do by listening to it.



  • Jokes of all kinds (good, bad, cute, dad, etc.)

  • Culture jamming

  • Warm, early mornings in the spring

  • 90s hip hop


  • Mold

  • People who don’t put their shopping carts away

  • The Man

  • Cottage cheese